deutsch english There's a list for that! allows you to share a list of all your iPhone- and iPad-Applications with your friends, your colleagues and your family. Nothing more, nothing less.

We where frustrated that there are gazillion of Apps to choose from, but no easy way of sharing and showing your collection to a friend - other than to hand him your iPhone. We wanted App-recommendations from friends, not from newspapers. That's why we build Follow or contact us on Twitter.
No account, no registration, no overhead. Just download our free scanner and start the program on your iTunes machine.
The scanner will list all the iOS-Applications from your iTunes library and allows you to uncheck those Apps you don't want to see in your Applist
That's it! The scanner will now provide you with a neutral link to your personal Applist which you can send to your friends, to twitter or to Facebook.
FAQ 1. Do you collect any of my personal information? No. Our scanner just collects the names of the checked Apps and saves them on our Server. 2. I've forgotten my link. Can you help me? No, sorry. We don't know which short-link ist yours. Just re-run the scanner-program and create a new one. 3. How long is my Applist reachable? There are no restrictions at the moment. As long as you can remember your link. 4. I only want to scan those apps, I'm using on my iPhone/iPad, is this possible? Yes. But right now, only on the Mac. If you are using a Mac, you can select an iPhone-Backup and only list all the Apps which have been installed on your device, the day the backup was created. 5. There are a couple of Apps which i can't find in my finished Applist. Why not? Right now we only list all the Apps which are available either in the German or in the American App Store. You can choose your branch of the App Store in the scanner-settings. 6. How many Applists are out there? All in all, 10938 different ones.